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KT Asian panels Description:
     HD Photo KT panels is glued to the screen with a laminating machine KT board above form to show advertisements.

     In order to better show your ads, we persist in using Asian panels! No blistering, no distortion!

     KT board is a kind of foam generated by the PS particle board core through, after surface coating lamination made of a new material, plate body stiff, lightweight, non-perishable, easy processing, and screen printed directly on the board (stencil), paint (paint need to detect adaptation), mounted overlying gum picture and printing, is widely used in ad sales, architectural, cultural, arts and packaging and so on. First, the use in advertising, product promotion information released for exhibitions and notices with mounting liner, the other one is to be widely used in screen printing, especially suitable for large-scale unified marketing campaign. Size: from 0.9 to 1.2m wide have, generally is 2.4 long.

Product parameters:
     Name: KT Asian panels
     Thickness: 5mm
     Weight: 0.3KG / square meter
     Material width: 900 * 2400mm - 1200 * 2400mm
     Weather resistance: framed photo frame, with a flat screen display ads.
KT panels General Application:
     For a variety of printing posters, POP, mainly used in supermarkets, shopping malls pop, exhibition halls and other special equipment